Antiques Gallery (David and Nancy) have been selling antiques for over 30 years. Antiques Gallery is a single dealer store located in Downtown St. Cloud. We have an assortment of smalls including fine china, glassware, silver, jewelry, paper, postcards, primitives, pottery, linens, small furniture, etc. We are located inside the Radio City Music Mall along with a restaurant and several small shops. Parking is free on Saturday.


Antiques Gallery


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We are pleased to announce that THE CHINA WIZARD, JoAn Miller, will be in the shop from 10-1 on May 12, August 11 and November 3, 2012. She will accept your Porcelain and Pottery pieces for repair. If you cannot make it during her visits, talk with us about leaving pieces or picking them up. Contact her at 320.699.8168 or